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… For those who like to entertain

If you like entertaining and having a drink with friends/family, then this is the magazine for you. Cocktail recipes, DIY projects, liquor recommendations and everything else you need to know in one easy to read magazine.

Delicious Recipes

Want to impress yourself (and guests) with new cocktail recipes?

Buying Guides

Want to get the best bang for your buck next time you go to the liquor store?

Insightful Articles

Do you like reading interesting and insightful articles?

DIY Corner!

If you like DIY projects we have a special section for you! Turn your home bar into a masterpiece

How to Guides…

We bring in experts to share their knowledge in a variety of topics.

Home Bar Inspiration

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, why go somewhere else for a bit of intoxicated fun when you can have it all at your own home? Each issue will have heaps of HomeBar pictures to inspire you! Steal an idea or steal a full concept, browse the pictures and get inspired.

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You’ll love our DIY Corner

Bar Designs

Looking for design inspiration for your new home bar?

Bar Furniture

Create your own unique bar furniture thats sure to draw the delight of guests

Repurpose Furniture

Let our experts help transform your old furniture

Flooring Ideas

Innovative flooring ideas to help transform your bar into a unique gathering place

Bar Accessories

DIY accessories to personalize your home bar

Bar Lighting

Bar lighting options to help create a one-of-a-kind setting

Reader Reviews

I really appreciated the Whiskey/Scotch recommendations for Fathers Day! Thanks

Hanson J

I was inspired by the article on creating a flooring out of old coins. I am moving into my new house soon and I am thinking this will be my first project!


I tried the drink recipes this month and they were awesome! The recipes are always the section I look forward to first

Martin Abrams

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If you would like to contribute to the magazine please use the contact form on this page to reach out to us.

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